Cygnus Internet Client List

Below is a partial list of our internet clients. Some of the following have only had graphics done, while most have contracted Cygnus to provide them with complete service, from design to hosting to maintenance. Take a look at the list, visit some of their sites, and enjoy.

BioTechnical Industry

    Synthetic Genetics
      Specializes in synthetic DNA, probes & primers, and kits to aid in biological research

      Specializes in drug metabolism studies

    Immune Complex Corporation
      Focus on research and development of vaccines

    Chemicon International
      Specializes in antibodies, proteins, and kits to aid in biological research

    Advanced Targeting Systems
      Specializes in targeted toxins, antibodies, and custom services to aid in biological research

    Invitrogen Corporation
      Specializes in gene expression & Analysis


    Dining San Diego Magazine
      A printed and on-line magazine devoted to displaying the finer restaurants in the San Diego area

    Callahan's Pub & Restaurant
      A restaurant and microbrewery with live entertainment, located in the Mira Mesa area of San Diego, CA

    San Diego Cyber Concierge
      An on-line concierge service for San Diego's finest restaurants

    TC Sounds
      Quality custom audio systems, specializing in speaker drivers and crossover technology, located in San Diego, CA

    San Diego Brewing Company
      A restaurant and microbrewery located in the Mission Valley area of San Diego, CA

Retail Related

    Tekna Scuba
      Producers of great scuba equipment

    Executive Connections
      Provides telecommunications service to a wide variety of clientele

    Revilo Products
      Catalogs of gifts and collectibles

    Pacific Systems Furniture
      Hi-end refurbished and new office furniture

    SoCal Aquariums
      Specializes in custom aquarium design, set-up, and maintenance, located in San Diego, CA

Finance Related

    Barbella Funding
      Lenders specializing in unique lending situations. Located in San Diego, CA

Hi-Tech Industry

    Dr. Hanna Institute
      Design and production of a program designed to bring about increased energy and improve health

    Electromagnetic Health Hazard, Inc.
      Specializing in low-emf household appliances and products

    Global Resource Technologies
      Enables video conference auto loan applications and approvals to assist in auto dealerships
      An internet web hosting service

    GrendelNet, Incorporated
      Internet service provider and web hosting facility, located in San Jose, CA

    CROW Data
      Database development and information management specialists, located in San Jose, CA

Construction Related

    C. E. Wylie
      General building and engineering contractors located in San Diego, CA

    Future Resources
      A general contractor, located in the Pacific Northwest

Business Enhancement

    Making Money Online
      An international company that provides an enormous number of resources to profit on the internet

    Morris-Vance & Associates
      A consultant company involved in all aspects of business improvement, located in San Diego, CA

    BM Garvin
      Dedicated to probate refereeing, business appraisal and manager receivership


    NorCal Retriever Rescue
      Devoted to the rescue and placement of golden retriever dogs, located in San Francisco, CA

    Mar-Lyn Container
      Corrugated paper box designers and manufacturers, located in Upland, CA

    Kagan Cooperative
      Educational materials and seminars, located in San Clemente, CA