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Cygnus Design is a full-service advertising and marketing studio with a broad range of experience and talents. Our nine years of marketing for the biotechnology, hi-technology, and entertainment fields provides a great background for working in most any marketplace.

Our firm is the culmination of skills brought about from the fusion of solid design and artistic ability with an extensive knowledge of the world's constantly advancing technologies and marketplaces. Our principle employees have backgrounds in a wide variety of subjects, including bachelor degrees in Literature, Biology, Psychology, and Computer Programming and even a Masters in Molecular Biology. We offer comprehensive services in visual communication, whether through printed or digital media, as well as extensive consultation services in the fields of Macintosh and Windows computers, the internet, and graphic design. Everyone at Cygnus is dedicated to providing our clients with the solutions they need to establish or enhance their image and the marketability of their products and/or services. We focus on delivering every project within the client's deadlines and budget constraints, while maintaining devoted attention to detail to ensure that the final product meets all of the client's standards. We have often been called "insanely scrupulous," but we just like to say we have an eye for detail and really, really hate mistakes.

In addition to our long record in marketing, our staff has experience with the internet dating back to the early days in 1994 and continue to maintain a firm grasp of where the internet is today, and more importantly, where it will be tomorrow. Cygnus is absolutely the only agency you will need to accomplish your internet and printed media marketing goals. Please take a look at this portion of our web site, Internet & Web Media, to see our list of
services and our portfolio. And don't forget to check out our Printed & Traditional Media section to see if we're the right marketing team for you. If you'd like to hear more, try filling out our inquiry form and we'll get back to you on any questions you might have.

11058 Virgo Place
San Diego, CA

(858) 578-3154


Steve Aitchison
Creative Director

Austin Biery
Technical Director

Doug Dillard
Marketing Director

Tamara Van Wagoner
Business Management

Jeff Dennis
Programming Specialist

Stuart Smith
Database Specialist


After years of working their craft separately, the founders of Cygnus came together on November 1, 1996 and opened their doors to the public officially as Cygnus Design & Consulting. The primary founder and Cygnus' Creative Director, Steve Aitchison, came from a long term in the biotech industry, providing marketing design for annual million dollar budgets. He graduated in 1991 from Revelle College at the University of California, San Diego with Bachelor's Degrees in Literature/Writing and Biology and has since pursued a Graphic Design degree from the same University. Cygnus' co-founder and Technical Director, Austin Biery, pursued his Bachelor's Degree at the University of Oregon and went on to acheive his Master's Degree in Molecular Biology in 1997 from the University of Alaska. His expertise in the hi-tech fields, particularly in biology, along with his technician skills for Macintosh computers, led him to join with Steve to create a design and consulting firm to cater to the biotech marketplace.

And Since Then...?
Since the founding of the company, both Steve and Austin have pursued their education. Steve continues to take course after course covering the latest trends in design and the latest software available, making design more efficient. Austin has been certified in Windows95 and Windows98, and will soon complete his WindowsNT certification.

Added to the staff were a number of new employees, including a marketing director and a business manager, to help things run that much more smoothly at Cygnus.

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